About Wine Glass Transport

Wine Glass Transport was born out of a personal experience and desire to create a wine glass carrier suited for larger, more expensive glassware types. A few years ago, we received some Riedel wine glasses as a gift and have really come to appreciate how nice it is to drink out of a nicer wine glass when you're enjoying a good bottle of wine. We found ourselves wishing we had our nice wine glasses with us when we would go on our weekend getaways rather than taking the "industrial-strength" heavy glassware.

So we searched high and low for wine glass carriers to protect our Riedel wine glasses. After purchasing two foam cases last year, we found ourselves underwhelmed with both the quality and their protective value, especially when factoring in the price. This lead to the development of our wine glass travel case.

We absolutely enjoy receiving emails from our customers and hearing their experience. We highly encourage you to contact us for ANY reason.

~ The Wine Glass Transport Team